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Barre Classes are an excellent way to fine tune your body and also to vary your workout. Barre Fitness combines elements from the disciplines found in Ballet, Yoga and Pilates to build body strength. The barre is used as a prop to balance while performing a variety of different positions.

What are the benefits of a Barre Class?

Improved posture
• Muscle definition
• Weight loss
• Increased flexibility
• Reduced stress
• Can help with imbalance and stability
• Suitable for pregnant ladies

What to expect from a Barre Fitness Class

A typical class will provide you with a varied and vigorous workout. It generally begins with a warm up of the upper body, including free weights, push ups and planks. Then you will move to using the actual barre as a method of resistance with your body in order to focus on the thighs and other lower body areas, including the bum. Your core will be engaged throughout and also will be targeted at the end of the class. My Fitness Boutique is a gym offering a wide range of classes in fitness and issituated in West Hampstead, North West London, NW6 (Jubilee and Overland train lines). We are approx. 4 minutes walk from the station. We are open every day from 6am - 10pm. Drop in for an informal chat about our Barre Fitness Classes or view our gym facilities, we would be delighted to meet you to give you a tour of our top quality facilities.

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