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Genuine client testimonials

My Fitness Boutique Services ReviewHannah M (January 2014) "I first joined MFB a few years ago and over the years have tried a few different classes. The best thing for me is that it is a no-nonsense local gym with amazing classes and high-quality instructors who know what they are talking about. I usually attend Sam's, John's and Clinton's classes and they are always encouraging without being too pushy or 'in your face'. The classes are a good size and there is a genuine warm vibe about the place which is often lacking in gyms where classes are taken a bit 'seriously'. You are guaranteed a good, hard work-out with brilliant instruction at MFB!"

My Fitness Boutique Services ReviewKatie D (January 2014) "My name is Katie and I have been going to spin with Sarah for a couple of months now, and I just wanted to let you know how good of an instructor Sarah is and how much I enjoy spinning with her! From my very first class, Sarah has consistently greeted and spoken with everyone before and after each class. Of all the fitness class I have been to, it seems instructors overlook the value of being personable, so I think it says a lot that Sarah makes causal conversation with everyone. In addition, during classes she encourages us to work hard and spin faster. Though it feels like a very short 45 minutes, it is a very tough workout - more so than any other workouts I do during the week. Finally, the way that she structures classes allows us to work on both cardio and muscular strength which I didn't expect I would be able to do in spin! In summary, I greatly enjoy Sarah’s class, and I think she is an excellent instructor. I have recommended her class to family, friends and teammates!"

My Fitness Boutique Services ReviewM (January 2014) "My favourite classes at MFB are Zumba with Paula and Sculpt and Tone with Sam. They are both fantastic instructors who put effort into each class and make sure everyone is working hard but feeling good. I love that it is really easy to book into classes at MFB with offering all types of classes to fit different personalities and fitness levels. The great community vibe mixed with exceptional instructors makes MFB a step above other fitness organisations."

My Fitness Boutique Services ReviewD (January 2014) "MFB I love this place because it gives me so many opportunities.The biggest bonus is the easy online booking system. You don't have to be member just do pay as you go. I joined MFB two to three years ago and I enjoy every session. Of course I have my two favourite ladies. Zumba with Paula and Abbs & Tone with Sam. They are both brilliant instructors with huge variety of different exercises and level of intensity.I am very happy to have this local place and opportunity to train in MFB."

My Fitness Boutique Services ReviewMary S (November 2013) "Thank you for the great Weight Loss, Fitness and Nutrition course. It was just what I needed! Whilst I have been attending spinning classes for 18 months, I really needed some extra guidance (OK a push in the right direction!). Dave (the instructor) gave some great guidance on nutrition, without setting us unrealistic targets, and it was helpful to get a perspective on what classes I should actually be attending (not just spinning!) Dave spent time with us showing us techniques for core exercises which has been really useful. As a result, I have lost weight, toned up and feel much better. It was great too to meet some lovely new people, and we all developed a friendly and relaxed relationship. Thank you, Dave and MFB!"

My Fitness Boutique Services ReviewT A (November 2013) "I've always been curvy but over the last 2 years i've put on 2 stone and this summer I decided that enough was enough, curves are one thing but when you're offered a seat on the Jubilee Line twice in a week and the kids in you class ask when the baby is due, you are no longer just curvy! I tried lots of things but my inherent laziness meant that er, nothing happened and I was still a chubby checker. Then i tried your weight loss and nutrition course and it was just what i needed. The course was insightful, the prescribed classes were tailored to me and David was not at all patronising - we all know that to lose a few pounds we need to eat less and exercise more so when people helpfully suggest that I want to poke them in the eye! Mostly, I think the people that I met on the course and the informal nature of it all kept me coming back and not only I have actually lost weight, inches and my overall fitness has improved and I'm still going! Overall, I'm a very happy lady. Me and my skinny jeans salute you MFB!"

My Fitness Boutique Services ReviewMark O (February 2012) "I had never really enjoyed going to the gym till I started with MFB, now I can't get enough of it. The instructors are really friendly and encouraging; they always try to get the most out of you in a workout session. The classes are small too so you feel like you have had more one on one time with your instructor. If you haven't tried MFB yet I really recommend you do, you won't regret it and your body will thank you for it."

My Fitness Boutique Services ReviewPaul F (November 2011) "MFB provides the flexibility I need from afitness provider, I love the fact that I am not tied in to a long contract. The classes are fantastic, convenient and there is a nice community vibe to the classes"

My Fitness Boutique Services ReviewSuzana (November 2011) "My Fitness Boutique is the only place I know of where you can just drop in as and when you like to classes without paying a hefty joining fee or committing to months up front. MFB's affordable and flexible scheme is perfect for busy Londoners who want to work out, but don't want to feel like they are losing money when they too busy to attend or on holiday... and is also perfectly placed in West Hampstead!"

My Fitness Boutique Services ReviewSandi (January 2011) “I joined MFB last summer (2010) after a nasty health scare and have been going ever since – and it’s changed my life! I’m SO much fitter than when I first started, the instructors are all fantastic (yeah yeah – there’s always one!) and there’s such a great variety of classes you never get bored. I’m 54 and recently beat a mate of mine (38yr. ) to the top of a Lake District mountain – so thanks guys!”