Book a Yoga Class with My Fitness Boutique

MFB Yoga Class = Yoga Energise

With an emphasis on alignment and breath awareness, you will be guided through a mix of energetic sequences and longer-held postures in our yoga classes at MFB called Yoga Energise. Release tension in the body and mind while developing stamina, mobility, focus and flexibility.

Set to music, this upbeat yoga class will leave you feeling rejuvenated, energised and ready for your day! Yoga has so many benefits to the mind and body. If you haven’t tried it before, you definitely should – not only is it a great way to keep fit, it relaxes the mind and helps to refocus. Many people also find yoga to relieve them of pain experienced in joints but you should refer to your doctor if you suffer any pains before taking up yoga.

These yoga classes are open to all levels. Beginners may find this yoga class challenging but rest assured modifications will be offered. Our yoga class instructor at My Fitness Boutique is very experienced and will encourage everyone to practice according to their level and progress over time. With our yoga classes you can make the class your own!


The best yoga class in North London is at My Fitness Boutique – book today!