Foods to Avoid – An Infographic | My Fitness Boutique
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Foods to Avoid – An Infographic


This infographic covers the area of the types of foods that can hinder your weight loss progress. Certain types of foods can initiate bloating which is an unpleasant experience and may contribute to you not being able to exercise. The infographic also covers what foods can make you feel lethargic which would of course hinder any fitness progress.

As everyone knows, it can be difficult to lose weight. It is definitely something that people have to work at and even then if or when a target weight is achieved, maintaining that weight is not easy. We know that including fitness with your weight loss program is a necessity but food intake also needs to be substantially addressed also.

When people try to lose weight, the focus should not just be on calorie counting or fitness levels. The person should look broadly at what kind of food including portion sizes they intake.