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Our Mind & Body Classes are available and purchased directly from our partners who focus on improving your flexibility, strength and balance while enhancing your posture, coordination and mental focus. Using experienced practitioners who offer numerous programs as a great way to quiet the chatter of daily life relieve stress and leave you feeling great!

MFB Classes (book via the timetable)

Yoga Energise – Saturdays 9.45am to 10.45am With an emphasis on alignment and breath awareness, you will be guided through a mix of energetic sequences and longer-held postures. Release tension in the body and mind while developing stamina, mobility, focus and flexibility.

Set to music, this upbeat class will leave you feeling rejuvenated, energised and ready for your day!

Open to all levels. Beginners may find this class challenging but rest assured modifications will be offered. The instructor will encourage everyone to practise according to their level and progress over time. You make the class your own!

YogaFlo – Sundays 12.30pm to 1.30pm This is a 60 min class suitable for beginners and intermediates alike. In this class, Hatha based poses will be taught in a vinyasa style (dynamic sequence linked by the breath). The aim of this class is to create a stronger and longer body which in turn will allow a clearer passage for our breath to flow thus enhancing a deeper relaxed state of being and promoting better health. This class is a fantastic introduction for beginners and provides a strong foundation for more advanced practice.

The classes are designed to:
•    Increase your flexibility and strength
•    Improve your stamina and focus
•    Revitalise the mind and rejuvenate the body

Private classes (book direct)

Cuddle Workshops – Perhaps you’d like more quality non-sexual touch in your life, or perhaps you just love to cuddle at every opportunity. Come along, meet good people, learn about (and experience) the importance of touch, and have fun. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced cuddler, a Cuddle Workshop is for you! Cuddle workshops offer so much more than a feel-good experience. They create a safely boundary  space in which to:

  • Have fun and experience innocent touch with others
  • Learn how to say no (and yes) powerfully and comfortably
  • Discover and let go of hidden agendas around physical contact
  • Playfully explore your boundaries and challenges around touch
  • Gain tools for getting more satisfactory touch in your life
  • Experience joy and deep relaxation through close physical contact

One of the key features of a Cuddle Workshops is permission. You are at choice in each moment and during every exercise to cuddle or not cuddle. You are encouraged to go at your own pace and to exercise your own boundaries. These workshops take place at The Rooms Above (location of My Fitness Boutique).

Workshop link  Cuddle Workshop Web Page

Yoga & Pilates Classes – The Yogic Path Yoga – the control of the mind with the goal of spiritual peace – is founded on ethical conduct and calm-inducing mental habits. The practice begins with postures which train the body-mind complex. It continues with breath control, which is a direct means of controlling the mind. Yoga philosophy underpins the practice, giving it perspective and depth. Meditative states, the culmination of Yoga, are the fruit of practice and come about by stilling the senses and concentrating the mind. The Yogic Path offers the various levels of classes, courses and workshops in all aspects of Yoga at The Rooms Above complex which is part of My Fitness Boutique:

The Yogic Path – Yoga School – at The Rooms Above in West Hampstead  is run by Mira Mehta MPhil (Oxon), author of Yoga: the Iyengar Way, How to Use Yoga, Health through Yoga and Yoga Explained. She is a lifelong teacher and practitioner of Yoga. She is assisted by qualified and experienced teachers. All have a commitment to the teachings of Yoga.

Enquiries and bookings: Web:  Tel: 020 7813 9124

I Love Pilates – offers the following classes, courses and workshops in all aspects of Pilates at The Rooms Above  complex which is part of My Fitness Boutique:

Body Control – Intermediate Mat work classes; Group and One to One Sessions. Pilates is a body-conditioning method that targets the deep postural muscles. It works by building strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment, improving your posture and achieving the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. It helps reshape your body which will become longer, leaner and more toned and is a great way to relieve stress and tension. Its slow, controlled approach means that it is suitable for first time exercisers and gives longer-term results and it is especially recommended by medical specialists for those with back problems.

Contact Dalia: 0753 531 8456 Contact Sarit: 0750 330 2191

Enquiries and bookings: Web: